Be more like Fobz

As the redesign takes place... you can find vids and diy stuff below...

Videos - are available on YouTube here

DIY - Varex exhaust wireless controller removal. Put in a nice rocker switch instead: Download

DIY - DIY Snorkus removal for MY99 and MY00, WRX and STI. Quick easy mod with minor benefits (depending on who you ask): Download

DIY - DIY Exhaust replacement for MY99 WRX. Handy if you buy a second hand 3 inch system and want to fit it yourself: Download

DIY - DIY Central locking 'trigger' creation. Create normal 'lock/unlock' signals for alarms using the stock 'one wire' system: Download

DIY - DIY instrument cluster replacement for MY99. I fitted an STi cluster and wrote this as I went along: Download

Some MAJOR redesign is occuring. Don't stress. Things will return to normal... when I can be bothered getting around to it.

If you MUST know why... my server was running ubuntu 14.04 LTS... and as we nerd know, its end of life so I moved off it and onto this server. I've taken the opportunity to recreate the site also.

As part of a review... it is apparent that updates are coming. In the mean time order the "Be more like Fobz" mug. I'm sure you will be clever enough to work out my email address... and we can talk price and volumes.

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